Stephen Terrell

Steve Terrell is a psychologist specializing in attachment and developmental trauma, with bodywork fully integrated into his practice. The focus of his professional work is the accompaniment of children and adults who have suffered an early trauma. He is a single adoptive father of two children and lives and works in Austin, Texas. His pioneering work with adopted children and their families is widely recognized both within the United States and internationally.

Education and training in the Neurosequential Development Therapy Model, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Play Therapy, SOMATIC EXPERIENCING (SE), Touch Skills Training for Trauma Practitioners, Reality Therapy, Hypnotherapy and EMDR combine in his work to form a unique whole. Together with Kathy Kain he has published the book "Nurturing Resilience", which was also published in German in early 2020 under the title "Bindung, Regulation und Resilienz: Körperorientierte Therapie des Entwicklungstraumas" (Binding, Regulation and Resilience: Body-Oriented Therapy of Developmental Trauma) (Junfermann Verlag).

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23 September – 5 December 2021
Transforming the Experience Based Brain(TEB)
Stephen Terrell (USA)
CHF 3'870

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