Supervision Kids in Tune

Close reflections on the work with children


Date: 1 June 2023
Time: Thursday, 18:00–20:00
Teacher: Ale Duarte (BRA)
Conditions: previous or current participation at the "Kids in Tune"- Training
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 100.00
Course location: Online

This supervision is for all those who have completed or are currently attending the Empowering Children training.

In the supervision there is time for general questions and space to discuss three case histories.

Specific questions are also welcome to be submitted in writing in advance so that they have sufficient space in the supervision.

If any of the participants would like to contribute a case discussion, please contact our office:

Ale Duarte

Ale Duarte is a somatic educator who travels around the world offering training to professionals who work in the fields of psychology, education and body-oriented therapy. His specialty is experience in child trauma, and the inherent ability of a child’s body to recover from trauma impact, through highly tuned somatic consciousness within the therapeutic relation.As part of his professional …

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