SOMA Embodiment Training

The transformation of emotional trauma through targeted touch and movement (16 days in total)


Date: Module 1:
5 Dec 2024 – 8 Dec 2024
Module 2:
15 May 2025 – 18 May 2025
Module 3:
2 Oct 2025 – 5 Oct 2025
Module 4:
18 Dec 2025 – 21 Dec 2025
Time: each 10:00–17:30
Modul 2 is taught by Claudia Studer- Wild,  Module 1, 3 and 4 by Sônia Gomes
Teacher: Dr. Sônia Gomes (BRA)
Claudia Studer-Wild (CH)
Conditions: Previous participation in a SOMA intro
Language: English translated into French

Les modules 1 et 2 sont enseignés par Claudia Studer-Wild,
modules 3 et 4 par Dr. Sônia Gomes
Costs: CHF 4'000.00

for 16 days

Course location: Lausanne
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Embodiment has become an international has become a fashionable term. Even to the otherwise traditionally hostile Universities he has moved into. This shows how essential the phenomenon of human embodiment has become widespread. Who wants to work with the phenomenon of trauma today, embodiment is not an option more around. Sonia Gomes has developed a special training, thanks to the embodying aspect of accompaniment in all its dimensions becomes perceptible and understandable.

SOMA-Embodiment offers diagnostic skills, touch and movement tools as well as a way of haptic awakening to emotional, to transform developmental and shock traumas. The training covers aspects of structural integration and Rolfing Movement Integration of Dr. Ida Rolf, and Hubert Godards Model of the Tonic Function and Movement Analysis. In SOMA embodiment flows the psychophysiological understanding of trauma from Dr. Peter A. Levine, and is also based on the polyvagal theory of Dr. Stephen Porges and the contributions of Dr. James Gibson Ecological psychology. Also the work of Henri Wallon, Donald Winnicott and André Bullinger have a formative influence on the training.

A SOMA introductory course (Intro) is an integral part of the training.

Link to the next SOMA Intro in English with Sônia Gomes

Dr. Sônia Gomes

Sônia Gomes is known worldwide at the international SE – Somatic Experiencing´s community for her love and caring, the mastery of SE and body therapies, her wonders in demos and personal sessions. Clinical Psychologist/Advanced Structural Rolfer, Movement Teacher. She is among the few qualified to teach Advanced SE. She adopts a multidimensional integrative approach to her teaching, …

Claudia Studer-Wild

Claudia Studer-Wild has accompanied people in her practice in Winterthur for 30 years. She is inspired by personal encounters and nature. As an experienced family woman, she has developed her quality and experience in working with families, children and adults in various training and further education courses: Kinesiology (specialising in brain, LEAP) with EMR recognition according to Dr. Charles …

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