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Marianne Bentzen

The Neuroaffective Picture Book

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THE NEUROAFFECTIVE PICTURE BOOK is an illustrated textbook for psychologists, psychotherapists, coaches and child care professionals. It offers a simple and visual introduction to the evolution and early development of the brain and personality that form the crucial foundation for lifelong learning and development. It also presents the neuroaffective compass model, a tool for personality assessment and for finding the best emotional 'learning zone' for a child or an adult. The combination of short texts on neuroaffective development and light-hearted illustrations connects the theory to the nonverbal intuitive sense that is a central tool in all psychotherapy and personality development. Marianne Bentzen is a Danish psychotherapist. From 1982 to the present she has taught psychotherapy in sixteen countries and currently teaches in Scandinavia and Europe. Since 1997, Marianne Bentzen and clinical psychologist Susan Hart have co-created research-based models of neuroaffective personality and group development to inform intervention decisions in adult and child psychotherapy as well as in group processes, supervision, and organizational consultancy. Marianne's approach includes somatic, interactional, systems-oriented, and meditative traditions.