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Dr. Anngwyn St. Just

Time, Space and Fractals

A Systemic Perspective on Individual, Social and Global Trauma
ISBN: 978-1477459720
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Fractals have been called “the fingerprints of God”… this book explores the role of fractal time in an ongoing effort to understand causes, experience and healing of individual, social and global trauma. Physicists are now telling us that the Universe and time itself is composed of an infinite series of expanding and contracting cycles within cycles. This new version of reality conjures images of vast cosmic cycles mirrored in smaller cycles of planetary cycles, human civilizations, community and family systems, as well as individual lives. Each life is lived as an integral fragment of other cycles nested within increasingly larger cycles. These larger cycles contain smaller cycles and still smaller cycles because they contain universal fractal patterns which repeat themselves in non-linear self- similar way as described in the axiom “ As above, so below”. In many traditions, if not all, these hidden designs are recognized as fate.