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Dr. John Beaulieu

Voice Energetics

DVD in engl. Sprache, 1:50min
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Dramatically improve your verbal communication and personal impact by learning to listen and evaluate your voice. Packed with practical speaking and listening exercises to refine your listening abilities, this video shows you how to evaluate a person?s emotional state through their voice. A healing voice is a musical voice. This video utilizes practical speaking and listening exercises to refine your sense of hearing. The main focus is the speaking voice and its variations related to five-element theory and a practical system of voice and music healing. If you want to speak better before groups, communicate in a more aware and intimate way, or learn how to evaluate a person through their voice this video is ideal for you. Dr. Beaulieu shares his thirty years of experience on evaluating and using our speaking voice for healing. The applications of Voice Energetics can be used to refine your listening abilities for heightened communications and increased effectiveness in verbal counseling and psychotherapy. John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D