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Alexander Lauterwasser

Water Sound Images

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"This is THE 'sound' book of the decade!"

Don Campbell Author, The Harmony of Health and The Mozart Effect This collection of awe-inspiring images by photographer and researcher, Alexander Lauterwasser, sheds new light on the famous sand figures of Ernst Chladni, which fascinated Napoleon at the turn of the 19th Century, and Dr. Hans Jenny's Cymatic sound forms of the 1950's and 60's creating a new scientific art form for the 21st Century.

Projecting audible sound frequencies into small samples of water, delicate harmonic patterns emerge, whose structures mirror those found throughout the natural world? from single-celled sea creatures to the formation of galaxies. Lauterwasser has penetrated the invisible world of vibration's subtle influences to reveal the universality underlying the multiplicity of form and function. Drawing upon classical literature and the world's Wisdom Traditions, he has made these images comprehensible and relevant to all who wish to look deeply, and listen.

This is a 176 page hardcover edition with hundreds of color photos, presenting the art, science and mystical side of Cymatics. "Breath-taking images of sounds shaping water are supported by a text that encompasses both the scientific and spiritual. A must read and 'see' for therapists working with sound,and those wanting to understand the relationship of sound to spirituality." John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D. Author, Music and Sound in the Healing Arts "Makes significant contributions to our understanding of the physics of chaos and of the potential of sound and music in medical treatment ... a 'must have' for scientists, sound healers, and music therapists." Professor Barbara J. Crowe, MT-BC Director of Music Therapy, Arizona State University Past President, National Association of Music Therapy Author, Music and Soulmaking: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy