The Energetics of Intimacy, Attachment and Sexuality

Discovering the subtleties of relating intimately


Date: 27 – 29 May 2023
Time: 10:00–17:30
Teacher: Ariel Giarretto (USA)
Conditions: You do not need to be in a relationship - Nor does your partner need to be present
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 780.00

This program is one of a multiple part “Full Embodiment” series developed by Ariel Giarretto, MS, LMFT, SE Faculty and Somatic Sex Educator. Full Embodiment (FE) is designed to help all people find ease, pleasure and acceptance in all parts of their bodies. It asks “who am I underneath all the historical, social, cultural, religious beliefs that shaped me? What is my most authentic relationship with my body, my sexuality, my sensuality? What is getting in the way of more fulfillment in relationships?”

The workshop focuses on connection to self and the body, while being in proximity with others. You do not need to be in couple relationship to get great benefit from this program. Nor does your partner need to be present.

Course Description:
Through the lens of SE, attachment theory, and current sexuality studies, we’ll combine lectures, videos, the latest research, small group discussions, and movement, plus an array of gentle, respectful exercises to make for a rich and varied program. The goal is deeper connection to self and others, healthy attachment, clear boundaries and greater freedom to explore your sexy self, playfully in new and different ways, without shame.

It is appropriate for:

  • Individuals, either coupled or not, and actively sexual or not
  • Couples wanting to improve their physical and emotional intimacy
  • Anyone who wants to heal attachment wounds and discover new capacities to receive and give pleasure with self and others
  • People hoping to change old traumatic patterns find satisfying relationships
  • Practitioners and therapists who work with any of the above
  • Access the more subtle levels of relating that occur under conscious awareness.
After the weekend participants will:
  • Recognize what happens in your body energetically and physiologically when you get close to others.
  • Learn how to set boundaries, and master new ways of receiving and giving
  • Identify, and embody, healthy and genuine desires and yearnings, and notice what gets in the way of opening to them.
  • Gain deeper clarity on what you like and want (along with what you don’t want) from encounters, and how to communicate those.
  •  Learn tools for staying present and embodied, so that old traumas or future worries stop interfering with the safe pleasure in the moment
  • Expand and uncover your playful, erotic self

What the workshop looks at:

  • What happens as I engage with others?
  • How do I slow down, in order to actually connect, and notice all that goes on when I connect?
  • What happens when someone I love, or someone I am attracted to approaches me, or… when I approach them?
  • How does my “attachment style”, a well as my trauma history get in the way, or enhance?
  • How to master deeper levels of full body sensing and “embodied consent”
  • Uncover how I most authentically want to be in my body, how I want to relate to others and my sexuality - and what gets in the way of that?
  • How can I step into myself as a fully conscious partner and lover, give clear and honest suggestions and receive the gifts that my partner offers?
  • How to playfully explore and embody some fun, take risks, and perhaps uncover yummy, hidden aspects of self.
  • Identify healthy and genuine desires and yearnings, and notice what gets in the way of opening to them.
  • Gain deeper clarity on what you like and want (along with what you don’t want) from encounters, and learn how to clearly share them.
  • Learn about boundaries, stay present and voice preferences
  • Master new ways of receiving and giving
  • Discover your erotic preferences and and ways to enhance your sexuality and sensuality.
  • With clarity comes the practice of asking for what you want and learning to receive as well as how to coach your intimates if they don’t succeed the first time… and the second.
  • Learn how to be playful and work a few ”edges” free of shame. Explore a variety of intimate approaches, like the art of flirting, romance, passion and seduction.

Ariel Giarretto

Ariel Giarretto, MS, LMFT, co-founder of the “Full Embodiment Model”--  has been working in the field of body-oriented trauma healing for over 30 years. She is senior faculty for Somatic Experiencing International, and is a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker. She has been involved in conscious sexuality, open relationships, and LGBTQ+ communities for many decades. …

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