Working with Whiplash and Falls on the Tuning Board


Date: 18 – 19 November 2023
Time: 10:00–17:30
Teacher: Dr. Darrell Sanchez (USA)
Conditions: basis Tuning Board class completed
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 520.00

The Tuning Board is a therapeutic somatic tool that introduces movement almost instantly into the deepest structures and functions of our autonomic and central nervous systems. It is a stimulating and gentle movement that brings us awareness of the effects of trauma and dissociated patterns and reassures at the deepest level.

Movement is the key. Our brains and nervous systems are dependent movement that is meaningful, interesting and gratifying. This is the kind of movement that is elicited by the Tuning Board. It is the stimulation of movement that begins to free us from the immobility and collapse of parasympathetic dominance in our nervous systems. It is the calm, centered movement that aids us in bringing the sympathetic hyperarousal of fight or flight back to dynamic equilibrium and balance. It is our relationship to movement that brings both of those states back into the safety, play and co-regulation of the ventral vagus zone.

Whiplash injuries are alarmingly prevalent occurrences in our modern society. Millions of people every year are involved in automobile accidents resulting in personal injury. These and other types of accidents causing whiplash often result in chronic pain, TMJ pain, myofascial and ligamentous pain, closed head injuries, cognitive and emotional distress and PTSD.
Many of our clients come specifically to be treated for whiplash, while others do not remember the old injuries nor realize how deeply they still reside in their bodies. They may present a host of problems without knowing that the problems are related to whiplash, particularly if it happened years ago.

In this seminar using the Tuning Board we will look at the description of whiplash, also known as cervical acceleration/deceleration injuries, and their effect on the wholeness and well-being of the individual.
We will examine:

  • How to use the Tuning Board in addressing whiplash effects
  • An analysis and definition of what happens in a whiplash accident
  • Areas of the body typically injured and how they are injured
  • Movement implications and descriptions of how bodies react in whiplash accidents
  • Primary areas of injury and secondary affects

The effects of falls on our bodies and minds can be related to the same as those in whiplash. They can be sudden and unexpected loss of control, shock and injury to the body, disorientation that may linger, and pain and dissociation.

Dr. Darrell Sanchez

Darrell Sanchez, PhD, LPC is a licensed somatic psychotherapist, Certified Advanced Rolfer™, Rolf Movement Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner and former trainer, and professional dance instructor and performer.He has been studying, practicing, teaching, and performing in the movement and healing arts since 1974. The common thread woven through …

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